Superfine Dubbing Sf1550 Blue Dun

Superfine Dubbing Sf1550 Blue Dun
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Model:  SF1550
Bar Code:  886741030922
Brand:  Semperfli
Manufacturer:  Semperfli
Material Color:  Blue Dun

Blue Dun Supafine Dubbing

When Semperfli created our dubbing the team decided it wanted to create an ultra fine dubbing that could be used to create normal dubbing or be used as twisted detached bodies, simply rotate with your fingers while holding the ends until they loop to form a detached body. The result was an 80 micron dubbing which is soft, breaks easily to create dubbing or in its 2 (50mm) strips could be used to create detached bodies equally easily.

Blue Dun Ultrafine Dubbing Specifications

  • Superfine just 80 micron in size
  • Smooth and gentle dubbing
  • Easy to break and blend
  • Wide range of colors

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