Semperfli UV Torch USB Rechargeable

Semperfli UV Torch USB Rechargeable
 Semperfli UV Torch USB RechargeableSemperfli UV Torch USB Rechargeable 
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Sku:  BUVT000GLD
Bar Code:  886741054362
Old UK Sku:  UV-Torch
Old US Part No:  UV - USB - L
Product Family:  Misc
Product Delivery Package:  Misc

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UV Torch USB Rechargeable

Fed up with purchasing batteries for UV torches or buying mains adapters to ensure continuous power? Almost every fly tyer has a cell phone or computer handy with USB port. You need UV Torch USB Rechargeable - a UV Torch that is USB powered. USB charging means that the torch can simply be plugged into the USB port so that it is always at full charge. We also designed the led torch so that the light is protected from direct sight to avoid eye damage unless you directly point the UV you’re your eye which you absolutely never should do

  • Size: 16x 22x 120mm
  • 365nm wavelength
  • Cree Led
  • Wattage 3 watts power
  • Waterproof housing IP65 rated
  • Aluminum Alloy Cased
  • Battery built in lithium battery recharged by USB port

Absolutely Never point UV directly at your eyes as this can cause serious damage.

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