Semperfli Worm Chenille Fl. Orange

Semperfli Worm Chenille Fl. Orange
Suggested Retail

Sku:  BWCH000FOR
Bar Code:  886741001007
Old UK Sku:  Sem-001007
Old US Part No:  SWC - FLO
Product Family:  Worm Chenille
Length in Meters:  2
Product Delivery Package:  Bag

Worm Chenille Fluoro Orange

Worm chenille is approximately 3mm diameter chenille with a narrow core. Perfect for bodies where it can be wrapped around the hook to create large streamer bodies used as detached bodies for the design of worm like flies for fresh water like San Juan worms, as an alternative to squirmy wormies that will not disintegrate once tied to or for saltwater for Lugworm imitation for saltwater species. 

Lightweight and highly mobile 






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