Tube fly fishing has been in existance for many years (history of tube fly fishing) however nothing had really changed much technically for the angler until the advent of Tubeology which has significant advantages for the fly fisherman.


Tubeology advantages for the fly fisherman include:

Rapidly Adjust to Conditions

As you can swap coneheads you can alter the cone according to the water conditions. So if the water is coloured you could use a fluorescent conehead to make sure it is seen by fish, in bright conditions you could use a gold, silver or black conehead as light conditions dictate.
If the water is running faster than you expect or even if the speed varies through the pool then you can put a heavier or lighter conehead on as conditions dictate. You could use the same fly with a heavy conehead to dive over the lip of a pool and a lght conehead to glide as the pool waters slow down stopping the fly diving deeper.

More fish caught

Most importantly using a tube fly you can put the hook where the fish attacks the tube fly. For example if attacking from the rear then the hook can be put at the very end of say a zonker string or flying wing. For a fish like a bass or pike / muskie which atacks across the cerntre of a baitfish then the hook can be placed in the middle of the lure. This flexibility increases the number of fish caught by the angler.

Because there is no leverage the fish cannot use the hook as a lever when the angler pulls from the side. Smaller more appropriate hooks can be used, especially on larger lures.

Tubes replicate baitfish in ways the hook tied flies cannot!

Baitfish are often shaped in a way that it is very difficult to replicate using a traditional hook. You can end up using large, unweildly hooks to get the size and presentation correct. As can be shown on the two flies below, a tube fly offers a much more realistic bait fish imitation than using large hooks.  check out the alternative configurations that TUbeology can create making superb darter tube flies for skulpin tube fly patterns or lift and drop techniques, the standard swimmer imitation tube flies or riffle hitch tube flies or surface wake tube fly configurations.


Any hook you like!

You can use any hook that you like  with tube flies. Single, double, treble, barbed, mocro barbed or barbless according to the water you are fishing. Most importantly you can swap this without swapping the entire lure as you move from water to water and legislation changes without the need to create new flies.

Simplify tackle

Because the hooks can be stored seperately you do not end up with a big tangle of lures which you can with traditional lures. Tube flies can be kept in your pocket with a small plastic box with hooks so an entire days tube flies can be stored allowing an angler to simplify their tackle considerably.
Because tube flies have no hooks an angler has huge advantages when travelling, especially by air. As the hooks can be stored seperately it is possible to keep the tube flies in hand luggage, this is often the item you have spent weeks preparing when travelling. Rods, reels and hooks can usually be replaced at any destination but the lures you have been planning or tying cannot be replaced as simply, especially if they are your own successful patterns.

Longer lasting

Traditional flies get into the mouth and teeth of the predators that attack them, whether trout, salmon or muskie. As a tube rides up the line away from the fish when a fish attacks we have found they last much longer than traditional flies, indeed they can last up to 7 times longer in out experience compared to a traditional fly.

Interchangeable With The Rest of The Tubeology System

If you are a purist fly fisherman then you may not be interested, however you can add a spinner blade attachment and spinner to a tube fly creating a spin fly if you want, you can create flying c's or flying condoms as they are known and spinners all from the same patented Tubeology system.

No More Problems Tying Tube Flies

Because of the hollow bore of tubes tying tube flies has always been a nightmare. Talk to any tyer who has tied tube flies and they all have stories of ruined Jungle cock and flies. Tubeology's unique tube fly tying system overcomes these problems,



With all the considerations above Tubeology delivers a more flexible and cost effective fishing system for the tube fly fisherman compared to any other system on the market. Check our the Tubeology System or try Tubeology buy purchasing just a few of the Tubeology Components. The team has also been developing their own range of fly tying materials, synthetic crinkle and stright Predator Hair has proved to be superb for tying flies, longer lasting and more reliable that some of the natural materials that have been used ranging from polar bear to cashmere goat.