Dirty Bug Yarn Danica

Dirty Bug Yarn Danica
 Dirty Bug Yarn DanicaDirty Bug Yarn Danica 

Sku:  Sem-0950-1610
Bar Code:  886741591416
Brand:  Semperfli
Product Family:  Dirty Bug Yarn
Length in Meters:  5

Dirty Bug Yarn Danica

When we look closely at insects and invertebrates they are not just one colour but a range of mixed colors across their body. So why do we often use single color dubbing to imitate nature? That was the big question the Semperfli Pro Team was asking. As a result we developed Dirty Bug Yarn Danica which is part of our Dirty Bug Yarn fly tying range. We call it Dirty Bug Yarn because it has the multiple colors found on insects and invertebrates, whether you are tying shrimps, baetis nymphs, caddis nymphs it does not matter. We decided to blend multiple color materials into Dirty Bug Yarn Danica creating a 2 ply yarn so that you can tie larger nymphs or split the 2 ply yarn for smaller flies.

Dirty Bug Yarn Danica is capable of being used as what we call a dubbing rope, simply tie in Dirty Bug Yarn Danica and wrap around the hook or you can break apart the Dirty Bug Yarn Danica to make dubbing!. When we designed Dirty Bug Yarn we wanted a highly fibrous material that would look really 'buggy' and look natural. Dirty Bug Yarn Danica is exactly that, simple to use, highly buggy and very versatile

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