Flat Braid 1.5mm 1/16" Blue

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Model:  sem-brd15-blu
Bar Code:  886741058131
Brand:  Semperfli
Manufacturer:  Semperfli
Material Color:  Blue

Flat Braids 1/16" 1.5mm Blue

Flat braids can be used for flies from small to large streamers and saltwater patterns. These braids are extremely strong and tie in easily. Pull tight and the strand becomes narrow and thicker, twist and it cords. With less pressure and wiggle the flat strands spread or fray for a spray of flashy or fluorescent Fibers. Fantastic on bonefish, salmon and saltwater patterns.

Braids can be used flat under varnish or UV resins such as Semperfli No Tack UV to produce stunning fish-like bodies. Alternatively use braids teased apart so that the crinkled fibers look like tails or shucks on larger dries to even larger clousers or streamers

Hints Using Flat Braids Blue

Donít forget you could use a permanent marker pen to add a barred effect or different Colored back on the braids. Braids can be used as a body, simply tease the ends with a bodkin to break apart the braid to produce a tying in point. This stops you from getting a raised section of body.

  • 1.5mm 1/16Ē width
  • Ideal for bodies winging, tails and shucks

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