Iridescent Thread Pearl

Iridescent Thread Pearl
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Model:  sem-iri-prl
Bar Code:  5052925058067
Part Number:  886741058063
Brand:  Semperfli
Manufacturer:  Semperfli
Material Color:  Pearl

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Iridescent Thread Pearl

A hybrid cross between a thread and fine round tinsel, Iridescent threads are a fine tinsel wrapped around fine monofilament strands as a core. For fly tying it acts like a fine wire. Wrapped tight around a fine hook and the strands of tinsel can be opened slightly if you wish giving a slightly faceted, gleaming surface. We developed these threads initially for vibrant buzzers and chironomids, caenis and corixa water boatmen, what we finished up with is a thread that is ideal for trout, salmon, saltwater and predator flies for bodies, thoraxes and vibrant hot spots.


Try this simply as a thread for chironomids or buzzers in the style of Pro Tyer Sandy Dickson. Wrap down in tight turns and back to the head in open turns to form ribs. Use Inferno Biots or our new Fluoro Paints to create cheeks and use the Iridescent thread to create the head. A simple and deadly fly!

Specifications For Iridescent Pearl Thread

  • Iridescent, vibrant & stunning on fly bodies
  • Use as thread and body material
  • Use for vibrant heads

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