Luminous Fly Tying Tubing

Luminous Fly Tying Tubing

Model:  b2c-UV-tubing-small
Bar Code:  886741000017
Brand:  The Essential Fly

Luminous Fly Tying Tubing - Scandinavian Style Fluorescent Tubing

Fluorescent plastic tubing used in conjunction with different weights and colours of tungsten cone heads have changed the look of modern tube flies. Using the tubes gives a bright fly that shows up well in low light conditions. Our luminous tubing is fantastic for sea trout flies or other tube flies. Coming in approx 1M lengths you can make 20 to 50 flies from one length of this tubing. You can see the tube here highlighted with our 12 Led UV Torch


  • Small Internal 1.5mm external diameter 2.9mm
  • Large Internal 1.9mm external diameter 3.2mm

Lumitube Under Office Lighting

Lumitube Illuminated With Our UV Torch


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