Mole Skin Dyed & Tanned Claret

Mole Skin Dyed & Tanned Claret
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Sku:  mole-claret
Bar Code:  5052925026578
Old UK Sku:  886741026574
Old US Part No:  NAT - MS - CL

Mole Skin- Dyed and Tanned Claret

Soft dubbing dyed black. Mole skin can be used to produce stunning fine flies. Hint: You can take fur cuttings, put it in a small coffee blender for a few spins to make it 'fluffier' and easier to use. Definitely use a pre waxed thread or use a little wax to hold the dubbing, it works well in Nano Silk or GSP thread in dubbing loops also

As mole is a natural product each skin is a different size. However each pack contains sufficient for many flies!

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