Nano Silk 200 Denier 3/0 Big Game Black

Model:  nano-200-black
Bar Code:  886741055239
Brand:  Semperfli
Length in Meters:  100
Product Family:  Nano 200D

Semperfli Nano Silk Black+ 200 denier 3/0 Big Game Fly Tying Thread

Why Black+ ????

Plus means it has added black dope when manufactured to ensure a stunning matt black no run colouring. It is our ultimate black Nano Silk. Nano Silk is an amazing fly tying silk. Made from Gel Spun Yarn, (gsp) is the strongest fly tying yarn you will find for its diameter We use the 3/0 yarn for predator and sea fishing patterns. It is ultra strong and designed for those large flies! This incredible 200D material has a breaking strain of over 7Kg almost 15lbs. The black is specially dyed at the factory using new technique which stops colour run and is only available currently on 100D and 200D Nano SIlk


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