Predator Body Tube Large Opalescent

Predator Body Tube Large Opalescent

Bar Code:  886741026802
Old UK Sku:  Pred-Bodytube-lge-opal
Brand:  Semperfli
Material Color:  Opalescent

Opalescent Predator Tubes Large 18mm 3/4"

With Predator Body Tubing you can make bodies of flies that are excellent, from small to really large yet still have a fly that is extremely lightweight and easy to cast.

Each pack has 12" (250mm) of Opalescent Predatory Body Tubing which can be compressed or stretched to get the required body shape and density. Predator Body Tubing can be used as it is with superb colours or use permanent marker pens to enhance the body even more or add eyes for stunning effects. Use in conjunction with Predator 3D fibres to create superb saltwater and pike flies that shed water, look superb and catch great fish.

Predator Tubes are available in:

  • Large size 3/4" or 18mm
  • Mini size 1/2" or 12mm
  • Skinny 1/8" or 4mm

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Simple and effective way to build light weight fly bodies