Semperfli SemperFlash Holographic 1/69" Green

Semperfli SemperFlash Holographic 1/69'' Green
 Semperfli SemperFlash Holographic 1/69'' GreenSemperfli SemperFlash Holographic 1/69'' Green 
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Sku:  HH69069GRN
Bar Code:  886741036795
Old UK Sku:  sem-036795
Old US Part No:  HNK - HOLO - GN
Product Family:  Hanked Holographic Tinsel 1/69"
Length in Meters:  6.4m
Width mm:  0.4mm
Width In:  1/69
Product Delivery Package:  Hank

Material Length30m32 yds
Product PackagingHank


SemperFlash Holographic 1/69" Green

When you want that extra special effect then SemperFlash Holographic 1/69" Green is for you. SemperFlash Holographic 1/69" Green is part of a range of holographic materials including blended silver and gold that are ideal for so many flies. The holographic effect of SemperFlash Holographic 1/69" Green gives sparkle in different directions because of the materials design

When we manufactured these Holographic tinsels we did market research and found that most tinsels were tied in half, meaning lots of the tinsel in the centre was unuseable plus only half of each hank could be used for larger predator flies. As a consequence with SemperFlash Holographic 1/69" Green you get 10 / 25cm long hanks tied at the top rather than center tied tinsels meaning that you can produce really long wings on flies for saltwater or large predators.

There are 300 strands of this beautiful SemperFlash Holographic 1/69" Green in each pack which is such great value. With full useable length of 10 holographic strands these can be used to create flies from the smallest chironomid/buzzer breathers to huge Tarpon or Muskie flies using the full 10 length of this amazing SemperFlash Holographic 1/69" Green winging material

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Material Length30m32 yds
Product PackagingHank