Semperfli Extreme String (40mm) Fluoro Salmon Roe

Semperfli Extreme String (40mm) Fluoro Salmon Roe
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Model:  Sem-es-40mm-fsr
Bar Code:  886741059350
Part Number:  5052925059354
Brand:  Semperfli
Manufacturer:  Semperfli
Material Color:  Fluoro Salmon Roe
Fluoro:  Yes

Pure Silk Fluoro Salmon Roe

Amazingly dyed hackles with embedded metallic glint threads make this the ultimate predator hackle. With 40mm hackles this produces Extreme flies, hence its name.

Extreme String works amazingly well if brushed with a toothbrush to separate the Fibers even further. Either brush before or once tied to add even more bulk without weight to this stunning material.

With a Fluoro Salmon Roe and a massive range of colors Extreme String Fluoro Salmon Roe is deadly for pike, muskie, bull trout, steelhead or any saltwater predators. With Fluoro Salmon Roe 40mm hackles you can make bulky but light weight flies with Extreme String.

  • 40mm Ultra Long Hackle
  • 4m per card
  • Ideal for predator flies
  • Metallic thread embedded for flash
  • Part of a massive color range

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