Semperfli - Flat Fly Tyers Foam - 2.5mm - Pale Grey

Semperfli - Flat Fly Tyers Foam - 2.5mm - Pale Grey

Sku:  Sem-1000-pg
Bar Code:  886741061605
Brand:  Semperfli
Holographic:  No
Height:  150mm
Width:  100mm
Depth:  2.5mm
Product Family:  Flat Foam
Length in Meters:  N/A

Semperfli - Flat Foam - 2.5mm

Semperfli Flat Foam is a lightweight closed cell foam that is perfect for bodies and floating flies like; Sedges, Ants and Detatched Daddies. The large array of colours and sizes make them the perfect addition to your tying arsenal. Available in single colour sheets or in a multipack.

Single Colour Sheets are available in 6/4" (150mm x 100mm approx)


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