Semperfli Fly Paint Fluoro Green

Semperfli Fly Paint Fluoro Green

Model:  Sem-fp-fg
Bar Code:  886741590914
Part Number:  5052925590918
Brand:  Semperfli
Manufacturer:  Semperfli
Material Color:  Fluoro Green
Fluoro:  Yes

Semperfli Fluoro Green Fly Paint

Adding hot spots, creating bodies s simple with Semperfli xxxx fly paint. This paint is perfect for Hans Van Klinken's Special Klinks.

Fluorescence has been an interest for the Semperfli product developers for many years since reading books by Clegg and the effect of fluorescent materials on trout vision. Discussed often amongst the fishing community there is no doubt that fluorescent materials have an effect on fish in salt and fresh water.

Semperfli tying paints were a new development to help us work with fluorescent materials in a different way, simply apply direct from the tube for fluorescent heads on chironomids or buzzers or apply using cocktail sticks or dubbing needles.

Tie up a batch of flies and leave to dry overnight, ideally coat with Semperfli No Tack UV or varnish for a highly durable and vibrant fly.

"Thanks to Semperfli latest product: Semperfli fluorescent fly paint, I am finally able to re-tie my special Klinks again from the early 1990s... Well done Semperfli to put this wonderful fluorescent and waterproof paint in your assortment. "

Hans Van Klinken March 24th 2018

  • 20ml bottles
  • Approx 4 hour dry time
  • Our paints are available in solids for that natural insect color or fluorescence

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