Semperfli Hi Float Fibres Caddis Tan

Semperfli Hi Float Fibres Caddis Tan
 Semperfli Hi Float Fibres Caddis TanSemperfli Hi Float Fibres Caddis Tan 

Suggested Retail Price: £2.50

Model:  sem-hff-ctan
Bar Code:  886741044448
Brand:  Semperfli
Part No:  sem-hff-gold
Manufacturer:  Semperfli

Semperfli Hi Float Fibres Caddis Tan

This is an incredibly fine floating fibre, one of the finest that we've had the pleasure of coming across. Great for use as the wings on your dry flies, indicator posts, and wings on Caddis, Hoppers (if you so desire) and stoneflies. Can be as an alternative material to deer, elk, calf tail, hackle tips and others.

To get the best result from them, give the fibres a brush out before use.


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