Semperfli Nymph Dub White

Semperfli Nymph Dub White
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Model:  Sem-nd-w
Bar Code:  886741591553
Part Number:  5052925591557
Brand:  Semperfli
Manufacturer:  Semperfli
Material Color:  White

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Nymph Dub White

This product is affectionately nicknamed “dubbing on a thread” by the in-house product team and part of a range of product ideal for experienced and new fly tyers alike. Thicker than Quick Dub it is designed to make it easy to make a ‘buggy’ body. Nymph Dub and easy and fast to use. Simply tie in your base thread (Nano Silk is perfect because it is thin and flat) tie in the Nymph Dub and wind forward for a truly buggy body or thorax.

Tie on and simply wrap around the hook, simplifies dubbing and creates deadly buggy looking flies. Use with Semperfli 0.2mm wires for ribbing to create stunning Caddis or Stonefly nymphs.

Nymph Dub is available in a range of stunning natural nymph like colors.

Nymph Dub White Specifications

  • "Dubbing On A Thread"
  • Ultimate body dubbing
  • Highly Buggy, use for body or thorax
  • Ideal for new & experienced fly tyers

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