Semperfli - Purple Perfect Quills Synthetic - Large

Semperfli - Purple Perfect Quills Synthetic - Large
 Semperfli - Purple Perfect Quills Synthetic - LargeSemperfli - Purple Perfect Quills Synthetic - Large 

Sku:  sem-0940-l
Bar Code:  886741027458
Old UK Sku:  sem-0940-l
Brand:  Semperfli
Product Family:  Perfect Quills

Amazing synthetic quills, Purple and tapered these form the most amazing bodies on flies, from nymphs, shrimps, wets and dry flies. Totally synthetic Purple Perfect Quills are made from a thin tapered vinyl from a point to 3mm width with a wonderful black edging strip to form the rib. To make an indestructable fly use a UV resin or varnish over the top to stop fish teeth damaging your fly bodies.

With Peacock Herl now on the CITES red list we risk travelling with Peacock Herl, this is the natural answer, reducing risk when travelling.

Large size ideal for flies #8 to #12

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