Semperfli Quick Dub (Glint) Graphite

Semperfli Quick Dub (Glint) Graphite
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Model:  Sem-qd-g-gp
Bar Code:  886741591423
Part Number:  5052925591427
Brand:  Semperfli
Manufacturer:  Semperfli
Material Color:  Graphite

Quick Dub Glint Graphite

This is the premium "dubbing on a thread" product in the Semperfli range.

What makes it unique is the additional metallic strand woven through Quick Dub Glint. When you wind Quick Dub Glint over a body its magical feature quickly stands out. The metallic strand quickly appears as ribbing along the length of the fly. Simple and deadly flies can be made rapidly with just a few strands of grizzle hackle for a tail, some cdc as a wing or a hackle of course all tied with Nano Silk!

Quick Dub Glint Graphite Specifications

  • Simultaneous Dubbing and Ribbing Material
  • "Dubbing On A Thread"
  • Ultimate body dubbing
  • Highly Buggy
  • Ideal for new & experienced fly tyers

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