Sample Selection Box

Sample Selection Box
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Bar Code:  886741008228
Product Family:  Merchandise
Product Delivery Package:  Box

Specification Metric Imperial
Product Packaging Box


Semperfli Sample Selection Box

A selection of Semperfli materials.

Spooled Products

  • 12x Nano Silk
  • 12x Classic Waxed Thread
  • 6x Straggle String
  • 3x Straggle Legs
  • 3x Ice Straggle
  • 3x Fluoro Brite
  • 2x Iridescent Thread
  • 2x Spyder Thread
  • 2x Pure Silk
  • 3x Cheeky UV
  • 6x Dirty Bug Yarn
  • 6x Dry Fly Polyyarn
  • 6x Peacock Quill Subs
  • 2x Flat Braid
  • 4x Floss
  • 12x Wires
  • 6x Micro Metal
  • 6x Perdigon Bodies
  • 8x Tinsel
  • 4x Micro Glint

Synthetic Products

  • 12x Semperflash Hanks
  • 3x Egg Yarn
  • 2x Worm Chenille
  • 3x Mylar Cord
  • 3x Perfect Quills
  • 2x Peccary Quills
  • 5x Synthetic Jungle Cock
  • 3x Kapok Dubbing
  • 1x Kapok Dubbing Dispenser Full Selection
  • 2x Superfine Dubbing
  • 1x Superfine Dubbing Dispenser
  • 2x Sparkle Dubbing
  • 1x Sparkle Dubbing Dispenser Full Selection
  • 2x Ice Dubbing
  • 1x Ice Dubbing Dispenser
  • 1x Predator Fibre
  • 2x Cashmere Monkey
  • 1x Suede Multicard
  • 1x Straggle String Multicard
  • 1x Straggle Legs Multicard
  • 1x Poly Yarn
  • 1x Guard Hair Chenille
  • 1x 15mm Plush Chenille
  • 1x 15mm Suecde Chenille
  • 2x Synthetic Rabbit Zonker
  • 2x Extreme String
  • 2x Suede Chenille
  • 1x Chadwicks 477
  • 1x Perfect Shrimp Wool

Promotional Items

  • Collectors Pack

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Specification Metric Imperial
Product Packaging Box