Semperfli - Sparkle Organza - Mixed Pack

Semperfli - Sparkle Organza - Mixed Pack

Model:  Sem-0870-PACK
Bar Code:  886741025256
Brand:  Semperfli
Product Family:  Organza
Trade Pack Size:  12

Semperfli Sparkle Organza Mixed Pack

Organza has very bright strong fibers are easy to tease apart and can be used for emergers, dries and even streamer wings. Use with wingburners to produce perfect wings. Each sheet of Semperfli Organza produces hundreds of tiny, light reflecting fibers perfect for spinner wings, shucks and shellbacks on scuds.


To use simply pull off fibers from the side of the sheet or cut a small section and insert into a wing burner.

Each pack contains 7 sheets 10x15cm

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