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SemperSeal Subs

Long Fibre Seal Fur Substitute 3" / 75mm.

With amazing translucence and lustre HOWEVER SemperSeal has a big difference. As a synthetic seal fur we have put this in 3" (75mm) fibre lengths, simply cut to 1/2" to 3/4" (12mm to 18mm) for a seal fur substitute on wets and nymphs or use the full length of the fibres for streamers, predator and saltwater flies where you get the same stunning translucence or seal fur in long fibres!

Legal Worldwide In Stunning Color Range

SemperSeal comes in a stunning range of colors, matching many of the Irish wet fly colors like Fiery Brown, Donegal Blue, Sooty Olive and stunning natural and fluoro colors SemperSeal is the perfect substitute for seal fur in your fly tying