Superfine Dubbing Dispenser Steelhead Colors Collection

Superfine Dubbing Dispenser Steelhead Colors Collection
 Superfine Dubbing Dispenser Steelhead Colors CollectionSuperfine Dubbing Dispenser Steelhead Colors Collection 

Model:  sem-sfdub-stl
Bar Code:  886741053112
Brand:  Semperfli
Length in Meters:  2.5 inch per "cube"
Product Family:  Superfine Dubbing Dispenser

Superfine Dubbing Dispenser Steelhead Collection

Contains the following Semperfli Superfine Dubbing inside a dispenser for easy use!

Superfine Dubbing:

  • SF2300 Cinnamon

  • SF3400 Scarlet / Red
  • SF4350 Fire Orange
  • SF5500 Wimbledon Yellow
  • SF6200 Pale Olive
  • SF7250 Green Rhyacophilla
  • SF8500 Magenta
  • SF8600 Ruby

Ice Dubbing:

  • SYN3000 Red
  • SYN4000 Orange
  • SYN5000 Yellow
  • SYN6000 Peacock Green


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