Tubeology Backgrounder

Tubeology Backgrounder

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Tubeology Backgrounder

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IntroductionIn 1899 Commissioner of the U.S. Patent Office Charles H. Duell suggested that they may have to close the US patent office having reputedly saying "Everything that can be invented has been invented". Thomas Watson was president of IBM in the 20’s to the 50’s and is well known for his alleged 1943 statement: "I think there is a world market for maybe five computers".  Back to our hobby, fly fishing for Trout & Salmon has been moved forward in many ways over the past century, better materials have led to better leaders, tackle, rods and hooks. Ceramics have improved reel braking, carbon fibre has changed rods. However in many ways the industry has not changed, we still fish with tube flies that have not changed much since the 1800’s with hooks and spinners that trace their origins back over a century. We put up with plastic tubing and cones that we weld together with a cigarette lighter ….. how archaic! Still however to get the flexibility fishermen often arrives at the water’s edge with bags rattling like a scrap-yard, even worse when we are going on holiday, we may be allowed a few days fishing while we are there, what equipment do we take for those days  of snatched and deserved glory and delight? .............................................


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