Tube Tying Patterns

Tubeology Predator Hair Fly Tying Materials

Tubeology Predator Hair Fly Tying Materials
color: Cobalt Bluecolor: Goldcolor: Orangecolor: Pearl
color: Pinkcolor: Purplecolor: Redcolor: Sea Green
color: Whitecolor: Yellowcolor: Blackcolor: Sea Blue
color: Petrol Green

Suggested Retail Price: £4.99


Model:  y-hairg
Bar Code:  5.09971E+11
Brand:  Tubeology
SRP:  4.99

These are Tubeology Spares only not full kits.

Tubeology Predator Hair - Synthetic Winging Material

Good winging material is essential with larger predators like Pike / Muskie, Bass etc. Our Predator hair is extremely fine synthetic winging which moves well with tube flies. In lengths of approximately 8" there is ample winging to tie many tube flies.In colours specifically for predatory fish this synthetic winging material can be used is fresh or salt water.

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