Micro Metal

Semperfli Micro Metal Antique Gold - Hybrid Thread, Tinsel & Wire

Ultra lightweight Micro Metal is a new Hybrid fly tying product, thin enough to be used as a thread, looking like tinsel with its metallic looking coating this can be used for ribs or bodies as required. Use straight off the bobbin as a tying thread for amazing effects

Check out these flies tied by the Semperfli Pro Team using this amazing hybrid material


Roy Ole Læhren Jakobsen - Micro Metal


Roy Ole Læhren Jakobsen - Micro Metal Emerger for the Rena river in Norway. Underbody a lot of lead, covered with Micro Metal chartreuse over the full body, ribbed with Quill Subs in Green Peacock, then overlaid with transparent Perfect Quills

Jan de Haas - Micro Metal Emerger

Jan de Haas - Micro Metal Emerger with Micro Metal in Silver and Platinum body with Perfect Quills over. Using Whiting dry fly hackles and cdc giving great floating ability.

Phillippa Hake - Micro Metal Jig


Philippa Hake's Jig Nymph with Micro Metal ribs