18 September 2023  |  Admin
Tying With Semperfli EggStatic

Semperfli EggStatic - A New Slush Egg material

Why Fish Eggs For A Fly Fisherman?

Simple really, we try as fly fisherman to match the hatch and in every stillwater and river because we will find fish eggs or roe during sometime of the year. Every size of egg is targeted by fish species targeting  fish roe provides the highest amount of protein, by volume, compared to any other stream/lake food. With our matching the hatch we need egg flies as part of our fishing arsenal.

Eggs come in a vast variety of colors, translucent and bright getting more dense fading to white when they die.  Brown trout, steelhead, rainbow trout, brook trout, cutthroat, bass and many fish species will eat eggs as they are large chunks of protein giving energy to fish to continue their growth.



1 June 2023  |  Admin
Semperfli Bead Sizing Chart

Semperfli beads are produced to be the best possible quality with small eye slots as it maximises the weight of each bead. However key is what hooks do the beads fit. We have endeavoured to produce a table listing all hook sizes fitting our beads. If you have additional information please let us know to help fly tyers worldwide.

27 May 2023  |  Admin
Tying The Game Changer

The Game Changer fly designed by US fly tyer and guide Blane Chocklett is an absolutely astounding fly. The amazing articulated Game Changer fly has truly changed the sport forever. This highly mobile fly is deadly for freshwater and saltwater. Regardless of your target species trout, northern pike, musky, bass this pattern produces and has indeed changed the rules with a fly that is almost a lure!

See how to use the Semperfli Game Changer pack to create 6 to 8 Game Changers!